Earope Ear Training spontaneous user responses

..in the short time I have had the software I believe it has accelerated my ear training beyond belief. I had been struggling along trying to develop my relative pitch skills with the assistance of my wife playing them on the keyboard (when she has time) and by recording intervals and playing them back. Since using the Earope software for an hour or so a day over the last week I have now mastered all the intervals of the major scale, which given how long I had been trying to learn them using traditional techniques is absolutely fantastic.   A small collection of some of the fine testimonials we have received from users around the globe. We are blushing!

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David Search

Every day I realize more and more that this software package you have brought into the world was no accident. It is a gift. And I hope that you are blessed in return for the contribution that u have made to the music community. thank you.

Phillip Morris
Singer, songwriter, arranger


The program is excellent...the best one I've seen out there by a long way. [..] I would like to congratulate you on a fine program and wish you all the best with any future projects you may be planning.



John Kearns
Dublin, Ireland

Hi, I am a 22 year-old pop-rock singer who's now working on his debut album in the US.  Ear training has been my favorite pastime for almost ten years, now. I am very familiar with virtually all the ear-training systems currently on the market, both computer-based, and tape-based, and I am also a very good friend of David L. Burge's, who is the ear training leading authority in the US.   Anyway,...CONGRATULATIONS!!! Earope is the best ear-training computer software I've seen so far.  I've been playing with it for just a few days now, but I already love it!

Chris Cappell
Santa Monica, California, USA
I just want to say that I like your product and I have been very impressed with your timeliness of email responses and concern for my problems. I will recommend your product to other students.      

Chris McConnell
Florida, USA
  Let me start by saying that this is the 3rd ear training program I
buy. Previously I bought WinOye and Earmaster 2.0.
I have never worked with more expensive ear training programs that can be found on tape, though (like e.g. Perfect Pitch)

But compared to the ones I know, yours is the best because Earope has something the others don't have: the EarTutor. [..] the strength of your product that keeps that competitive step ahead. It is nice that the computer presents you exercises that gradually increase in difficulty and also that you have to have a certain level before being able to go to the next level. Very pedagogic!


Alain B.

A year and a half ago I bought Version 1.0 because I had an audition for the conservatorium in a year and a half. I also had to do a VERY hard eartest. This was the thing I worried about most.
In the end two mates of mine who had already done the conservatorium for one year had a lower score than I !!
I had 75 procent correct!

- and all thanks to you guys!


Derek De Beurs
  My students are enjoying using the program - when they break a personal best they get a prize of some chocolates and we have an Earobics competition at the end of each year to find the grand master..

Cameron Louis Macdonnell
I am both a free lance musician and a teacher, and this program is just what I have been looking for. Specificly for myself, but I think it will be good for my students too. (as a warm up before their lessons.)
Over all the program is great. I look forward to using it more.

John W. Tuck
Double bassist and private music instructor
Chicago area, USA
  I have enjoyed Earope quite a bit the last few months. it is definitely making a significant impact on the hearing abilities of both my students and myself.

John W. Tuck
Double bassist and private music instructor
Chicago area, USA
Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your Earope product.

I am recommending it to my violin and piano students as well.  While they're waiting for their lessons to start, I sometimes let them practice their interval ear training and reading rhythms on their own.  Earope makes it easy for them to work by themselves - even the most unmotivated students are able to use it!

I think that it's great that you can select such a wide range of excercises - from the simplest to the most gnarly complicated ear training and rhythm reading I could ever imagine!

By far the best program for ear training that I've encountered so far

Sonia Kao
Web Librarian, part-time music instructor
Palo Alto, California, USA
  Dear Cope-Media,

I have been using Earope for a few weeks now and I think it is fantastic!  I’ve used other ear-training programs, but none are this intelligent and fun to use.  I’ll be recommending it to all my students.

Andrew Pouska
Bass instructor
Houston, Texas, USA
I have been playing around with Earope for several months now, and I think it is THE BEST eartraining software in the world!  I can't wait to practice chord progressions.  When will the update be available for download?      

Chris Cappell
Santa Monica, California, USA
  I am an american music student at UNC Asheville. This sofware is really helpful. It covers everything we do in our eartraining classes except chord progressions (!) and sight singing.

Ben Shirley
Recording Arts and Multimedia Arts and Sciences student at UNCA
Asheville, NC, USA
I am very fond of the program. It is the first good Eartraining program I've ever seen. Go on with the good job.      

Edwin van Nunen
Musicology student and computer programmer
Amsterdam, Holland
  Of the several ear-training software products that I have tried I like yours, by far, the best.  That, of course, is why I registered it in the first place.   I will certainly tell my musician friends and colleagues of your excellent product and your outstanding customer service.
Hi there!
My name is Rolv Inge Seehuus, and I've used Earope for TWO days now! (Really an experienced user....) I'm an active musician, "hangin' " in the JAZZ-environment in Trondheim, Norway, and I have the experience of a 21 year-old (Prob because I'm 21...). I am really happy about finding this nice program on the net, because I've been looking for something like this for quite a while....

Rolv Inge Seehuus
Trondheim, Norway
  I am brand new with this kind of technology, but am very impressed at it's capabilities. It was my professor who directed me to the search engine which lead me to your product.  I'm glad I took his advise.

Kyle Harward
Riverton, UT, USA
I'm quite pleased with your product.  The program presents problems in ways that are very musically relevant, and I am happy to say that I find my ears growing quite rapidly.      

Troy Straszhim
  ..I want to thank you for creating this program, I enjoy working with it very much.  I am looking forward to having my kids use this tool as they grow up..

Richard C.i
Buffalo, New York



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