How to buy Earope


We believe in a Try-Before-You-Buy philosophy. Therefore you have every chance to check out Earope on your own PC before deciding to get the registered version.

This is what most people do:

Download, install and test Earope Ear Training

Download, install and try Earope Ear Training
This is usually done in 5 minutes! You get the evaluation key via mail and are able to run the full version of Earope for a limited number of times. Without the key, you still have access to all areas of Earope, with a few select limitations.

Buy Earope Ear Training Online

Buy Earope Ear Training Online Check prices here
Invest in yourself. You only have the two ears you were born with, and they deserve the best!

There are two "doors" to the Earope WebShop:

1. From within Earope Ear Training (recommended)
Use the "Buy Earope now" option in Earope's Help menu.
This process automatically supply the Webshop with your unique "Hardware Fingerprint".

2. From the WebShop
Proceed to webshop This is the option to use if you use different PC's for purchase and for running Earope or if you have problems connecting to the Internet. It's very similar to option 1, but uses a webpage and requires you to enter the unique "Hardware Fingerprint" during the order-process.

Improve using 10 minutes a day

Improve using 10 minutes a day
Using Earope Ear Training, you only need a little time as often as possible to improve. You will keep finding challenges for years to come, even if you are an ear-training buff already!

If you ever need help, you have support and an online forum to help you get the most of your investment in yourself.







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