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Anders Kjoller with his son VictorCope media was founded in 1994 by computer engineer and drummer/keyboard player, Anders Kjoller. The reason for the company name is the location of our office in the heart of Wonderful Copenhagen as well as the English term "to cope with.."

The mission statement is "to help evolve the musical knowledge of people in the music arena and to make the tools available to as broad an audience as possible"

The main idea was to create THE eartraining software package for Windows.
The first textual description of Earope* was ready January 1995. It was made by bassist and music teacher, Jesper Kjoller, educated - and later teaching at Conservatory of Rhythmic Music in Copenhagen. Other leading eartraining authorities participated in the project.

The first beta version, having just 3 of the 7 present modules, was made available on the Internet during spring '96 creating a lot of valuable response. Version 1.0 with 5 modules was released in Denmark June 1997 after 2 years of work. The same month, purchasing Earope* over the internet was made possible.



October 1998 version 1.5 with chord progressions was released.
As of October 1999 an estimated 3.300 people had downloaded the trial version of Earope*.

June 2002 the first working sketch of our very first eartraining game.

September 2002 an affiliate program was launched so you can be compensated when you recommend Earope to fellow musicians.
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December 2002 Earope 1.6 is released which is an upgrade compliant with Windows 2000/Me and Windows XP Home and Professional.
January 2003 Earope 1.6 is released in more languages: Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Russian and more languages are planned.
Summer 2004 Now Spanish and Greek are released.
2005 A new Network version was developed, that allows a school to run Earope in a Network and manage licenses and copies in an easy and cost-effective way.
2007: Earope is tested and certified for Windows Vista and Windows running on Mac. New website design and new projects started.


2009: Because of our collegues in the Music Software business, we cannot reveal in detail our upcoming projects - we have been heavily copied before. All we can say now is "watch this space" - new things are coming to you!

Norre Sogade 25B
DK-1370 Copenhagen K

Email: support@cope.dk
Web site: www.ear-training.net

The story does not end here! New ideas and needs, new possibilities and new technology will bring new features to Earope*. With hard work (and with your support!), we will continue to make Earope* the only computer based musical eartraining software you'll ever need!


Enjoy your day!

Anders Kjoller
Founder and chief developer

Copenhagen is one of Europe’s oldest and most wonderful capitals with a royal touch. The Danish' monarchy is the oldest in the world and Queen Margrethe ll resides right in the centre of the city.



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