About Earope Ear training!


Would you like to be able to play anything you hear or think
effortlessly, without mistakes and without hesitation?

All exercises in one effective package

Earope Ear Training
takes you through exercises in 7 main areas:

  • Intervals
  • Scales
  • Chords
  • Inversion
  • Progression
  • Melody
  • Rhythm

Easy to use
Launch Earope Ear Training and click Start. ...or define in more detail what to train. Everything you need is visible on the screen while training and you only have elements from the module you are using.

If you need help, the Online context sensitive help gives you help on every detail. There is also a Quick Start guide to get started fast.

Start your first lesson
5 minutes from now!

10 minutes a day will improve your musical ear dramatically.

In every main area you may train in several ways, and with a large number of parameters to tweak, you will never run out of challenges!

Earope Ear Training allows you to define in detail what you want to train - this is "free mode" where you setup the elements you need to improve on and start the exercises.

In EarTutor™-mode the build-in EarTutor™ takes you through exercises from where you left off last time. It monitors your progress and advances the skill level accordingly. When you master an area, you are moved to a higher level of difficulty.


Ear training - not ear straining! In the design of Earope, the relevance and musicality of the problems has been emphasized, both in the selection of problems and in the construction and playback of the problems. It actually sounds good!

Another feature invented for Earope Ear Training is the option to activate the build-in EarTutor™, which acts as your personal tutor, and gradually increases the level of skill based on previous results and errors.



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