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"I have enjoyed Earope Ear Training quite a bit the last few months. It is definitely making a significant impact on the hearing abilities of both my students and myself."
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Ear training made fast, easy and enjoyable! Reduced prices!

Earope Ear Training will give you a lot of extra confidence and make it easy to communicate music to others, play by ear, transcribe a tune when you hear it, compose music, improvise and read music and much more.

and musicality"



Earope Ear Training was developed for musicians, by musicians. It is a full-featured professionally developed ear training software package aimed at anyone spending time with learning, practicing or teaching music.

Earope ear training is easy ear traning. You can get started 5 minutes from now!
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Earope Advanced Ear Training was designed with the requirements at different advanced musical studies as focal point. It can be tailored to almost any need.

Intervals, Scales, Chords, Inversions, Melody, Rhythm, Chord Progressions and more!
The beginner at music school level will enjoy the ease of the user interface and even the most advanced ear training "freaks" are guaranteed a challenge thru the program's flexibility. Use it for fun or on your quest for a perfect pitch!

Infinite exercises
Earope will follow you to the end of your ear! You can put together an infinite combination of exercises and make them just as challenging as you wish.

Ear training for Schools and for individuals are available.

Earope is ear training that will follow you as you progress.



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